Beautiful Beginnings has chosen to use the Creative Curriculum for our children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. The Creative Curriculum is a curriculum that is research-based and developed around the following core areas of development: Social/Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Language.

We feel the goals of the early childhood curriculum should focus on all aspects of development. We believe that all children do not accomplish a particular skill all at once. Our curriculum also supports the needs of children who may not be at a typical level of development. At our program, we believe that children should be exposed to interest areas in the form of centers.

The environment is designed as the primary strategy for facilitating learning. Teaching staff design their environments so that children can engage in learning areas: blocks, dramatic play, art, library, discovery, sand & water, as well as music & movement. In addition to interacting with the children at choice time in the learning areas, teaching staff facilitate learning through small and large group activities/discussions, story time, and special activities.

Teaching staff have the flexibility to design an individual schedule to suit the needs of the children in their care, while keeping in mind the requirements of Keystone Stars Standards and recommendations in the Creative Curriculum for Pre-school.

Beautiful Beginnings is a proud participant in the PHLPreK program. This program is the city's free pre-school program for children ages 3 to 5 years who reside in Philadelphia. There is no income guidelines as high-quality early childhood education should be accessible to all children. This program is funded by the city's sweetened beverage tax.

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